Best Ways To Relax Your Body And Mind

November 21, 2022 49,961 views

When it comes to exercising at a gym, people are usually told to start slowly with light weight. For example, if you’re taking up lifting for the first time and you have never lifted before, trying to lift too much too quickly will cause injury and frustrating setbacks. However, with meditation it is expected that people take up meditation as a physical exercise on its own merits and not because it’s an easier way out of having to go through the motions in a gym. Here are some tips to relax your body and mind even more.

Learn the Basics of Zen Meditation

The word Zen comes from a Chinese word way and translates roughly to mean “meditation”. Taking on meditation is similar to lifting weights in some ways. The initial attempts are frustrating and even painful, but with practice it leads to muscular development and strength. In the same light, meditation takes time, effort, and patience; but with that effort one can relax his/her body and mind much better than ever before.

Learn to Sit

This does not mean that the person is sitting on a hard wooden floor for hours on end, but rather learning how to sit firmly in a chair is an important step in learning how to meditate. This will give the person so much more control over his/her body and by having that control, they are better able to relax their body and mind. If the meditative exercise is supposed to help you calm down and focus your thoughts, sitting upright should help with this.

Reach Your Hands Up In the Sky

Many people do this by telling themselves to “let go and relax” or that “everything is okay”. This sounds good, but as we all know in life everything isn’t and it’s unrealistic to think that everything is okay when you are crying over losing your home or about the death of a loved one. For example, reaching your hands up in the air tells your unconscious mind to relax.

Taking up meditation is not for the faint of heart. It’s not easy and it takes patience. However, when you do start to learn Meditation, you will be amazed at how much better everything in your life can be.